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This page contains basic information about MozGlade. See the MozGlade Project Page on SourceForge or the MozGlade FAQ for more detailed information.

Qu'est-ce que c'est?

MozGlade is a project to add a simple, easy-to-configure user interface on top of web browser engines. It was conceived because I need the browsing capabilities of Mozilla, but detest its large, slow interface (this interface is improving in the latest versions of Mozilla, but there are still other issues).

The user interface is designed with the GUI builder Glade. The file that Glade outputs to describe the UI is then used by libglade at runtime to actually build the UI. This means (among other things) that if you want to redesign the interface, you can, easily. You can use Glade to build a new UI, then just point MozGlade at the new file. No recompilation is necessary.

MozGlade is now undergoing some changes that will allow it to easily use web browser engines other than Mozilla.


The latest release of MozGlade is version 0.2.1. You can download it...


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